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Andrew Goldsworthy

Non-lay member

Appointed to IRB: 1 January 2016


Andrew was previously the Head of Audit of Mazars in the UK and is a member of Mazars’ Group Independence and Acceptance Committee. He has over 30 years’ experience of delivering audit services to a portfolio of clients, specialising in those in the financial services industry. He has also been engaged on a number of expert witness assignments.

In his role at Mazars and through his client responsibilities, Andrew has significant exposure to regulators from the perspective of the regulated entity. As an auditor, he is acutely aware that the audit profession needs to act with integrity and deliver quality to maintain (and some would say, regain) the trust of the public. He believes effective regulation is an essential element in how trust is built.

Declaration of Interests

Membership of, or interests in, formal bodies or groups, including other professional bodies

  • None

Membership of ICAEW Council, ICAEW Boards and other ICAEW Committees

  • ICAEW Independent Regulatory Board (IRB)

Partnerships, Directorships or beneficial interests in companies

  • Partner in Mazars LLP, a firm registered to carry out audit work in the UK by the ICAEW.
  • Director of The Exe Engineering Company Limited.

Professional or social relationships with individuals who have business relationships or who compete with ICAEW

  • Other partners and staff of Mazars LLP are members of the ICAEW Council and other ICAEW Committees.
  • Other partners and staff of Mazars LLP also provide professional services to the ICAEW.

Any other matters you feel should be identified

  • None
Andrew Goldsworthy