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Treasury launches consultations for tax day

Author: ICAEW

Published: 25 Mar 2021

The Treasury has published new consultations on how the tax system should work, including a call for evidence proposing changes to the tax administration framework, one considering whether some tax payers should have to pay their tax earlier, and an interim report on the government’s review of Business Rates.

Responding to the publication of the consultations, Caroline Miskin, ICAEW Tax Faculty Technical Manager said:

“We’re pleased that the government plans to update the administrative framework underpinning taxation to create a modern system. Making tax work for the 21st century is a huge project which will need to be broken down into manageable chunks, with a big investment in HMRC’s systems, new legislation, and care taken to ensure that there is no inadvertent erosion of taxpayer rights.

“However, we’re concerned by the proposals for tax to be paid closer to the time when income is received, as for many taxpayers an accurate assessment of the amount owed can only be made on an annual basis.”

Responding to the publication of the Business Rates review interim report, John Boulton, ICAEW Technical Policy Director said:

“We welcome this update on what’s influencing the government’s thinking on business rates. In our view the system is in need of meaningful reform, to reduce the pressure from the rates multiplier, deliver frequent revaluations, and introduce better digital integration to help people understand their rates bills and challenge them easily when they’re wrong.

“Revisions to the business rates system should aim to give much-needed certainty about rates liabilities, so someone who is starting a business can easily find out how much they would need to pay; unfortunately, there are few indications from the interim report that this will be delivered. We’d also like to see a system that is more responsive in adapting quickly to economic changes, such as in the downturn we are experiencing now.”

“We look forward to finding out which considerations will be taken forward in the final report in the autumn.”

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