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Tell ICAEW about your communication preferences

You have full control over the information ICAEW sends you, and you will always have the option to opt-out of a particular type of communication.

Emma Friedl
Opt in for Emma’s local emails

These email alerts include topic-specific events held in the South Wales area for the membership.

For example, if you are interested in tax issues (even if its just an awareness of the continuing MTD developments or an overview of the UK budget), then ensure you have selected the topic of “tax” in your communication preferences. This will ensure that I have your permission to email you with news of my locally organised tax events, which are often heavily subsidised by the local Society committee and probably the best competitively priced course available in the area – sometimes they are even free!

The same principle applies to all preferences choices, eg audit, financial reporting, economic updates etc.

Here’s just a sample of what my local office is organising for members this Autumn