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ACA exam results published

13 December 2019. ICAEW’s students have today received their results in the November 2019 ACA Advanced Level exams.

In total, 4,915 students sat 8,586 exams in November, and achieved the following pass rates:

  • Strategic Business Management: 85.2%
  • Corporate Reporting: 82.8%
  • Case Study: 76.3%.

All ICAEW exams are now delivered on computer, and ICAEW has now delivered more than 100,000 exams on computer worldwide, having started to move from paper-based exams in 2017. 

Mark Protherough, ICAEW Executive Director, Learning and Professional Development, said:

“Congratulations to all students who passed their ACA exams in November.

“Our exams are designed to give students the knowledge and skills to become successful chartered accountants. These finalists are now qualified for membership and will go on to have successful careers as ICAEW-certified chartered accountants.”

“A special congratulations also goes out to those recipients of our international subject and annual order of merit.” 

Advanced Level, November 2019: International Subject Orders of Merit

Case Study

First place and the Whinney prize

  • Rafi Khan, Bristol (Deloitte LLP) 

Corporate Reporting

First place and the Quilter prize

  • Amee Sachdev-Wood, London (PwC LLP)

Strategic Business Management

First place and the Walton prize

  • Julia Byrom, Manchester (Deloitte LLP)

Advanced Level, November 2019: Annual International Orders of Merit

First place and the Peat prize

  • Sunil Ghosh, London (PwC LLP) 

Second place and the Deloitte prize 

  • Thomas Maassen, London (FTI Consulting LLP)

Third place and the Fletcher prize

  • Amit Joshi, London (Rothschild & Co)

Fourth place and the Strachan prize

  • Clare Ford, Esher (PwC LLP)

Fifth place and the William G Frazer prize 

  • Rory McDougall, London (Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisors International Limited)

Joint sixth place and the Tattersall-Walker prize

  • Anonymous, Tadley (BDO LLP)
  • Sophie Randle, Rugby (Deloitte LLP)

Joint eighth place

  • Adam Kent, Tunbridge Wells (PwC LLP)
  • Helen Morris, London (Brebners)

Tenth place

  • Abbie Button, Pontyclun (Deloitte LLP)

Joint eleventh place

  • Daniel Payne, Sutton Coldfield (EY LLP)
  • Thomas Reid, Leeds (Murray Harcourt Limited)
  • Anwen Worthy, Cardiff (Wales Audit Office)

Fourteenth place

  • Qasim Khan, Manchester (Deloitte LLP)