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Role Models needed to support young entrepreneurial women in Wales

In the UK, 11.9% of the male adult population is currently engaged in entrepreneurial activity, compared with 5.6% of women. Here in Wales, the proportion of women owned businesses stands at 28%.

One of the reasons identified in various reports, is a lack confidence among would-be female entrepreneurs. Women are less likely than men to already know someone in business and benefit from their experience and less likely to see people like themselves succeeding. That is where role models can help.

Who are Role Models?

ICAEW (Wales) members who are business owners and entrepreneurs can play a key role in inspiring young women by joining the Role Model Network established by Big Ideas Wales.

By becoming a ‘role model’, you can make a real difference to the lives of young women across Wales by encouraging them to start their own business and opening their minds to new ideas and opportunities that exist.

Role models are real business people with interesting, inspiring stories that capture the imagination of young people and communicate honestly the realism of being their own boss. They pass on their passion for creativity and success and help young people think positively about their own future.

After completing induction training, role models prepare an Inspirational Workshop, which they deliver to young people, typically aged between 13-24 years old, at scheduled events and classes within an educational or community setting. These workshops usually last for about one hour, and are a mixture of storytelling and activities.

Why Become a Role Model?

By being part of the diverse role model network, you can promote a positive “can do” attitude and challenge perceptions of business start up to young people. There are also exciting opportunities to have a role in a range of events.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should give it a go:

  • Meet like-minded business owners
  • Make a difference to young people’s future
  • Challenge ideas and perceptions of enterprise
  • Inspire young people in education
  • Challenge yourself by presenting to a new audience

Role models need to:

  • Have at least two years of experience running your business, or have been running your business for one year and have two years of experience running another business;
  • Have run a VAT registered business which employs at least one other person;
  • Rely on your business as your primary source of income; and
  • Be willing to undertake 1 1/2 day’s induction training, ½ day shadowing, ongoing performance reviews and agree to deliver at least 10 presentations over a 2 year period.

If you feel this is an opportunity for you, then please get in touch.