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ICAEW Practitioners’ Town Group to be created in Tom Jones’s hometown

ICAEW’s local office in South Wales is looking for sole practitioners and members based in smaller practices in the Pontypridd area to support the creation of their own practitioners’ town group.

With the increase in webinar access for CPD training, sole practitioners and smaller practices may struggle to have contact with other members from their local area.

Are you finding that contact with fellow chartered accountants is becoming less frequent in the age of digitisation, while client query and questions over HMRC processes, compliance and regulation are increasing? Even Google doesn’t hold all the answers!

Currently, there are 7 flourishing town groups across South Wales and support has recently emerged for a Pontypridd based group which will hopefully come to fruition during 2019. However, it needs the commitment of locally based members if its going to survive and thrive as a group.

ICAEW’s local office is willing to put time and resources into establishing an initial group for local members and will co-ordinate the first meeting and assist with future agenda items and discussion points – bringing in technical and taxation experts, Welsh Government, HMRC representatives and SME funding organisation from their extensive networking database.

Are you based in Pontypridd or the nearby surrounding areas within a comfortable travel distance? Would you come along to the first evening meeting and find out if this group could be of benefit to you? If the answer is yes, then please contact emma.friedl@icaew.com for further event details.

Remember, if you are in practice, there is great benefit in joining a town group and getting more support, not least from ICAEW itself. Members meet locally to discuss matters of mutual interest and to share the benefit of experience with fellow members. Meetings are informal and may be organised on an ad hoc or sometimes quarterly basis with a suggested theme, and occasionally with an invited speaker to initiate discussion. There is even financial support provided from ICAEW local funds.

Among the existing South Wales town groups all members agree that being part of a group benefits their daily work as a practitioner.

Emma Friedl
ICAEW Regional Executive (Wales)

T: 07715 496 475
E: emma.friedl@icaew.com