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SAL reveals Christmas Quiz winners

In order to get anywhere with SAL’s Christmas Quizzes (and our annual Charity Quiz), you need to have a broad general knowledge and, as SAL himself explains, the ability to link seemingly disparate answers and clue.

Do you know your Blue Peter pets and famous Joneses?

Could you identify the fictional town of Walmington-on-Sea from a description of its main street?

Or get film titles from cryptic clues and then use the answers to spell out a relevant website domain name?

Cryptic Christmas

As regular quiz fans know, to succeed in my quizzes you need to think laterally, logically, and long and hard – it’s the ability to crack the cryptic clues that counts. My 2019 Christmas Quiz was no exception, and whilst this year’s scores were higher usual (I was persuaded to be more generous with the clues this time), nobody scored full marks. In fact, three questions (10, 11 and 18), stumped everyone – although the rest of the questions were correctly answered by at least one entrant/team.

And the winner is

Once again, the overall winner was Richard Job but, as he has won the quiz for the last three years in a row, he has generously agreed to the application of the FIFA stance to the football World Cup – win three times in a row (as Brazil did) and you keep the cup, so he now only competes for fun.

With Richard stepping aside from the competitive element of the quiz, the top teams are as follows…

In first place – and winners of an ICAEW goodie bag – are Kent-based couple, Chris Coleman, and Heather Janes who teamed up with Paul Willis to form the winning team. Our victors discovered the quiz via Richard Job – coincidentally, although not an ICAEW Scotland member, Heather is an accountant with Maidstone based firm, MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

ICAEW Scotland members held their own in this year’s leader board, with teams including our members taking many of the top spots. Sarah Stancey, partner Andrew and friend Suzanne, took second place (with input from friends Susie, Anne and Mike); Gill Groom and her husband Adrian were third; and Richard Hellewell and his wife Marion were fourth.

Fifth place went to Brenda Mandeville, from Bath, who – like Heather’s team – discovered the quiz via Richard. Brenda – who provided the correct answer to question 3 – also provided the most interesting incorrect answer, when she pointed out that Liverpool’s Liver Birds are the largest birds in the UK at 18ft (5.5m) tall; a fascinating fact, but as they are cormorants (which are not birds of prey) sadly an erroneous aside.

Questions and answers

Ready for another challenge?

As ICAEW Scotland’s resident Quiz Master, I’m already hard at work on this year’s Charity Quiz questions. If you and a group of friends or colleagues are up for the challenge, join us after this year’s AGM on 22 April at 6pm, at Edinburgh’s Royal Scots Club. Entry is just £10 per person and the proceeds will be donated to the winning team’s chosen charity.