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With the forthcoming changes to the Modern Slavery Act 2015, many businesses will need to ensure that they assess for modern slavery risks in their supply chain. Crossword Cybersecurity's flagship product, Rizikon Assurance, was built to support companies assessing supply chain risks by allowing the sending of assessments at scale and through the automation of reporting.

Crossword Cybersecurity is pleased to offer the use of its modern slavery assessment to ICAEW members for free to allow members to run assessments of their suppliers. The platform supports businesses in complying with their obligations around transparency in their supply chains. ICAEW members can assess up to 60 suppliers per year for free.

Crossword provides a means to assess risk in your supply chain at scale through a central platform using process automation. Its flagship product, Rizikon Assurance Online Platform has a wealth of features that make supplier assurance and supply-chain risk management easier and more effective.

It provides a way for organisations to automate the assessment of supply-chain risk at scale across a number of different domains, including modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, cybersecurity, GDPR, diversity and inclusivity.

The company's product portfolio also includes Nixer, a product aimed at detecting and managing credential stuffing and account takeover attacks on your websites or corporate accounts. Nixer uses machine learning to assist organisations in combatting this growing threat nixer.io

Crossword's product portfolio is supported by its comprehensive expertise and consulting services in cybersecurity. Its consulting team is a high calibre and experienced team of senior consultants delivering a range of services including:

  • Cybersecurity maturity assessments – baseline your organisation to allow you to build upon and improve your current cybersecurity posture
  • Cybersecurity strategy and transformation – help to plan and create a sensible strategy to transform cyber maturity
  • vCISO – let us utilise the strength and depth of our consulting team to implement, design and manage the cybersecurity function for your business

At ICAEW Virtually Live

Virtually Live - 15-17 June 2021

Crossword Cybersecurity is a partner at ICAEW Virtually Live 2021 and will be providing an on demand session.

Supply-chain risk management and modern slavery
One demand

This session looks at the challenges of supply chain risk management activities for modern day organisations and the myriad of different risks that need to be considered in that context.

It then focuses on the risk of modern slavery and forced labour in supply chains, the current backdrop of the challenge of modern slavery globally and then provides an example of how companies can assess for this risk in their supply chain with a demo of an online platform to assist with that process.

Speaker: Sean Arrowsmith, Group Director

Sean has more than 20 years’ sales experience in cyber/information security and technology. He was previously a Director at IRM, the World Class Centre in Cyber Security of Altran Technologies, the global innovation and engineering consulting firm. Prior to that, Sean was responsible for leading consulting teams at Siemens Insight Consulting.

Speaker: Kasia Jones, Customer Support Consultant

Kasia has more than six years of experience in customer-service roles. Since joining Crossword Cybersecurity more than two years ago, she has provided remote and onsite customer support, as well as delivering product demos, training and implementations.

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