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MindBridge helps financial professionals to trust financial data

From journal entry testing to data assessment, users are provided with the artificial-intelligence-embedded tools, visualized analytics, and in-depth resources they need to analyse, assess, and advise.
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The provider of the world’s leading risk discovery platform for financial integrity, MindBridge has partnered with the ICAEW to support Virtually Live 2021. Watch our session

MindBridge helps auditors, accountants, and financial professionals to become more efficient and profitable. From transactional risk assessment to organisational process improvements, users are provided with the AI-embedded tools, visualized analytics, and in-depth resources they need for stronger analysis, assessments, and advisory services.

Products and services

MindBridge puts AI to work to help make auditors and financial professionals more efficient and confident in their work.

With its platform, you will:

  • Pinpoint risk faster: MindBridge analyses 100% of transactions, leaving no stone unturned so you and your team can focus on what matters.
  • Verify each transaction, and what’s between: Get a holistic view of your financial data with our intuitive dashboard. No coding required.
  • Unlock better ways of working: Scale across your organisation, and enable your team for the future with proven, long-term efficiency and effectiveness gains.

MindBridge empowers more than 20,000 auditors and financial professionals around the world. Join them and start your journey toward complete financial integrity.

Supporting ICAEW Virtually Live

Virtually Live 2021 - 15-17 June 2021

MindBridge is supporting Virtually Live and will be providing a live session and supporting content.

You don't need to be a data scientist to use AI in internal audit
16 June, 11:15-11:55 BST

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are blazing their way through the audit space. While regulators and some firms are still warming up to the idea, many of their peers are becoming more efficient, sustainable, and effective through technology. Specifically, AI and machine learning are giving auditing firms the ability to automate everyday tasks, and giving them time to focus on building client relationships, planning ahead, and taking deep dives into areas of concern.

But, while the benefits of AI-powered internal audits mount, many firms, and the auditors themselves, are still skeptical. They fear that these new technologies will require a depth of knowledge in data science and analytics that they simply don't have. Fortunately, as these technologies have developed, they have become much more accessible, user-friendly, and useful to the everyday user. All that is to say, you don't have to be a data scientist to use AI in internal audit.

This session will help you understand how to embrace technology, create an environment for change, and the value you can put back into your business using AI.

Speaker: John Colthart, SVP of Strategic Insights

John has held a series of roles with increasing responsibility at MindBridge and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Sales. Before joining MindBridge, John held leadership positions in brand management, product experience, and design at IBM, including as a member of the team that launched IBM Watson Analytics.

Prior to IBM, John was Vice President of Sales Operations for Clarity Systems, later acquired by IBM. John holds a bachelor’s degree in financial operations and accounting from Seneca College.

Speaker: Rachel Kirkhan, Director of Audit and Risk Analysis

Rachel is responsible for leading our data science work and our risk scoring approach. Prior to joining MindBridge, Rachel was the Head of Data Analytics Research at the UK National Audit Office, leading a team of data scientists and analysts in developing unique data analytics capabilities for financial audit.

Rachel is an ACA-qualified chartered accountant, holds an MBA from Imperial College, and acts as a subject matter expert for the ICAEW. She is also a forum member of the AI Public-Private Forum run by the Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority.

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