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Partner at ICAEW's Personal Finance Planning Conference 2020

Octopus Investments

Octopus Investments provides products and services that help financial advisers and investors achieve more of their goals.
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For an adviser, that can mean winning new clients by offering them something they haven’t seen before, as well as providing existing clients with a broader range of solutions.

For an investor, it can be targeting a better interest rate on cash savings, finding the right growth companies to invest in, or passing more wealth to the next generation by reducing the impact of inheritance tax.

Octopus Investments at ICAEW's Personal Finance Planning Conference 2020

19 November: 11:05-12:05
It pays to collaborate - the power of collaboration

Octopus will share research findings ahead of chairing a panel session.

Octopus Investments' speakers

Charlotte Fairhurst

Charlotte has spearheaded Octopus’ professional connections initiatives for three years, supporting financial advisers, accountants and solicitors develop their referral relationships. Having worked closely with professional bodies, such as ICAEW, STEP and SOLLA, Charlotte has a wealth of experience in championing successful referral relationships.

Charlotte holds a First-Class Honours degree from Leeds University and is currently studying for the Investment Management Certificate. She was previously in business development at an alternative investments research firm. 

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