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Director for Wales blog: March 2016

Europe, Devolving Tax to Wales and Diversity in the Board room are the key topics for this month’s blog

ICAEW is not taking a position on whether to stay or go but is keen to assist the debate by publishing any available independent information and giving a platform to both sides to ensure the widest possible debate. We would also like to know where individual members stand and hear your opinions on the topic. Why not post something now on our ICAEW Chartered Accountants Wales LinkedIn Group or our twitter account to get things going.

Returning to the Welsh Assembly elections I am continuing to tout our Manifesto around members and stakeholders (if you don’t have a copy both Emma & I have plenty to distribute!). Some debate is starting around Devolved Tax with Gerry Holtham writing an interesting piece about the problems of ensuring fair adjustment to the Welsh Grant to recognise the income that will be collected directly by Wales. Scotland has just settled with Westminster over theirs but it seems there is no right answer and both parties could lose or benefit depending upon how the tax take moves in the future. Worth a read

Finally, are the staff and leaders of your business diverse enough to make the best decisions? There is strong evidence that boards and management teams with a good mix of backgrounds, genders and ethnicity do better than those without. Chwarae Teg, best known for promoting women, has recently launched the Agile Nation2 Business Programme which is a free service. It is targeted at 9 priority sectors: Advanced Materials & Manufacturing; Construction; Creative Industries; Energy & Environment; Financial & Professional Services; Food & Farming; ICT; Life Sciences; Tourism. So if you are in one of these sectors why not call them in?

Martin Warren
Director for Wales