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David Bond on his new role with ICAEW Scotland

Recently appointed ICAEW Scotland Director, David Bond, reflects on his first few months in the role, and looks at some upcoming ICAEW events and initiatives.

ICAEW Scotland Team: left to right Alison, David, Fiona, Jane and Linda
I’m three months into the new role of Director, Scotland for ICAEW and it’s been great to get up to speed on some of the things happening north of the border. What’s been most evident, which to be honest I already knew from my previous role as Business Representative, is that there’s a great team at work here in Scotland.

It’s been great to see…

It’s inspiring to see a high quality IMS committee, who are engaged and making a great contribution across the different “life stages” of members and different sectors. We also have a similarly high quality Regional Strategy Board dedicated looking at the impact we can have on some of the big issues.

I’m delighted to discover the level of engagement that we have with the Scottish Parliament – and the role that ICAEW members take in helping to contribute to the discussion and assessment of key issues, with the potential to help shape policy.

I’d also like to highlight the continuing strength of the BCM breakfasts, the Tax seminars and many other specialist contact points.

I’m looking forward to…

We’ve got some great events – both social and CPD focused planned for the year ahead.

I’m particularly excited about the first of our Essentials Roadshows on 18 April where there are half day (CPD) courses on Tax and Bringing the numbers to life.

The mainstay of our events calendar is of course, the IMS AGM on 26 April, which is followed by the traditional IMS Charity Quiz (our resident quiz master, Alan, has assured us that he’ll go easy on contestants this year – at least in the early rounds!) I hope to meet some of you at these events, as I’m eager to meet members across Scotland as I get out and about.

Speaking of getting out and about, Michael Izza (our CEO) is planning an Aberdeen trip on 10 July and we’re both looking forward to connecting with members in that area.

Making connections

It’s probably down to my background in recruitment, but I’m pretty passionate about CPD and career development, so I’m also keen to help connect members with the training/qualification opportunities that now exist – there is now more opportunity than ever before to have team members training with the flexible ICAEW routes.

There’s a lot that’s working well in ICAEW. One important thing is that it is forward looking and seeking to address some of the key issues around the relevance and value of the qualification as job requirements change. A great example of this is the dialogue we are part of regarding the UK Industrial Strategy – particularly as it relates to Scotland.

Working with others

It’s great to see the range of events that are open to ICAEW members through the pan-professional network, such as the upcoming Brexit event on 29 March at Edinburgh Business School

For those in smaller businesses, Enterprise Nation (an ICAEW partner) are active in Scotland and the Amazon Academy event in Glasgow on 17 April is a good example of that.  

Along with the rest of the team, I’m delighted that we are supporting the Insider Scottish Accountancy Awards again this year – there’s still time to nominate the team or individual you think worthy of recognition and it would be great to see some of our members picking up prizes on the night!   

I’d love to hear from you 

It’s been a busy first few months – with lots more to come - as I mentioned earlier I’m keen to connect with as many members as possible, whether that’s in person or online, so do feel free to get in touch at david.bond@icaew.com or follow me on Twitter at ‪@icaew_dmb. ‬‬

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