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Who were the top tweeting accountants in 2015?

The UK’s ‘most influential’ chartered accountants online have been unveiled in a new list by ICAEW.

The top three influencers are business coach Heather Townsend, writer and tax lecturer Rebecca Benneyworth and career blogger Mark Lee.

  • ICAEW has developed a new algorithm to measure the top social media influencers for UK-based individuals tweeting on accountancy, tax, audit and finance.
  • The first #ICAEWROAR list is chosen using a formula, tailored to emphasise quality over quantity.

ICAEW commercial executive director Sharron Gunn said: “We’re delighted that these self-made social media influencers are demonstrating that they have a real impact in the accountancy profession. We want to highlight their influence, not just by counting their army of Twitter followers but by measuring their contribution to the profession and its profile.”

The Top 10 Online ICAEW Influencers:

  1. Heather Townsend  @HeatherTowns
  2. Rebecca Benneyworth @rbeccabeneworth (LSCA)
  3. Mark Lee  @BookMarkLee (LSCA)
  4. Amy Taylor  @amyaccountant
  5. Mitch The Tax Man  @MitchTheTaxMan
  6. Paul Aplin  @PaulAplinOnTax
  7. Dennis Howlett  @dahowlett  (LSCA)
  8. Heather Self  @hselftax
  9. Stuart Crook  @WellersSME  
  10. Elaine Clark  @cheapaccounting

See the full #ICAEWROAR Top Online UK Influencers: Accountancy list

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Sharron Gunn continued: “We’re in a world where people are consuming information differently. And accountants are making a big difference online. Chartered accountants aren’t tucked away in business; they are out there sharing ideas, best practice and opinions.”

Placing more emphasis on topical engagement of the authors’ tweets than the amount they’ve tweeted, the algorithm considers visibility, relevance and tone of voice, to reaction and audience engagement over the course of this year.

Learn more at #ICAEWROAR Top UK Online Influencers and #ICAEWROAR Methodology and Algorithm

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