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"The Institute? Really?"

May 2016: Rakesh Shaunak, Managing Partner of MacIntyre Hudson, talks to ICAEW about commissioning ICAEW Academy to design a leadership programme for the firm’s new partners.

Rakesh Shaunak
Until recently, employees at MacIntyre Hudson benefited from excellent training at all stages of their career bar one: when someone was promoted to partner, they were thrown in the deep end and expected to have developed a seamless front crawl before too long.

The transition isn’t a simple one however. As Rakesh explains: “The partner needs to be the ‘provider’ rather than the employee, and it takes much more than just dispensing technical advice. You need to be thinking and behaving like a leader, and be great at things like business development and client engagement.”

You no longer have anyone above you directing you, and are suddenly responsible for directing strategy, winning new business and growing the firm. Good training can go a long way to making this transition as fast and successful as possible.

So as Rakesh puts it, “choosing a provider is a big decision”. He spent a good deal of time researching professional development suppliers. When his HR director suggested ICAEW Academy, he thought: “The Institute? Really? Don’t they just deal with regulation and technical matters?” Rakesh runs a successful business and wanted to partner with someone experienced in preparing people for a commercial world, not just a technical one.

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“I had no idea ICAEW could help with training like this and I’m really pleased we asked them to work with us,” Rakesh asserts. He goes on: “I have people who are on the Academy programme saying to me: ‘Gosh, I didn’t realise there was so much to being a partner. I knew what the role was but had no idea how to do it.’ The programme prepares you for that leap and teaches you to be authentic to your own style.”

ICAEW Academy has run the programme for MacIntyre Hudson for two years now, and has received fantastic feedback from those who have taken part. Rakesh concludes: “The biggest benefit has been the mindset change. Individuals now realise they need to be working on the business rather than in the business. The focus for them is growth, clients and strategy rather than technical work, which is exactly the shift I was looking for.”

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