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Accountancy: A profession at the crossroads?

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  • Publish date: 17 May 2016
  • Archived on: 17 May 2017

Daniel and Richard Susskind’s seminal work ‘The Future of the Professions’ (OUP, 2015) describes the emerging transformation of ten professions including medicine, law, education and accountancy, fuelled by our transition from a print-based society to a technology-driven, internet-based one.

What are the forces driving this change in the accountancy profession in particular, and what are the implications? And what systems, processes and opportunities will emerge as the accountancy profession evolves?

Richard Anning, Head of the IT Faculty at ICAEW and Ed Molyneux, Founder and CEO of FreeAgent, with reference to client case studies, answered these questions and outlined how you can harness technology to:

  • dramatically automate the processing of data in your practice
  • create more practice impact and personal leverage through a shift from bookkeeping and compliance towards higher value and higher margin advisory services
  • understand how to take advantage of the untapped ‘latent demand’ for these higher level services especially within the micro-business sector
  • build your practice’s brand at a national scale through an open approach to sharing expertise

Speakers: Richard Anning, Head of ICAEW IT Faculty; Ed Molyneux, Founder and CEO of FreeAgent; Jessica Pillow, Managing Director of Pillow May

First broadcast 1 March 2016