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Articles, updates and features from ICAEW offering analysis and commentary on how the UK's exit from the EU affects customs processes and international trade.

UK signs Free Trade Agreement with Australia

The UK has signed its first “from scratch” Free Trade Agreement since leaving the EU, promising new business opportunities as well as easier access for skilled workers, including accountants, to Australia’s service sectors.

Freeports: business needs greater clarity

ICAEW is calling on the government to add much-needed meat on the bones of its post-Brexit freeport strategy, following concerns of a lack of clarity about how freeport areas will work in practice.

Duty-free limits are back for summer 2021

Since 1 January 2021 when the UK left the EU, the benefit of a “booze cruise” has been severely limited. It is no longer possible to simply load up wine purchased from your favourite French vineyard, or indeed a superstore in Calais, and return to the UK without a few extra considerations.

Brexit: where do your goods originate?

14 January 2021: ICAEW has issued new guidance on rules governing the origin of goods and warns businesses might end up having to pay customs charges or penalties if they fall foul of the rules.

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