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Customs news and insights

Articles, updates and features from ICAEW offering analysis and commentary on how the UK's exit from the EU affects customs processes and international trade.

How UK companies should prepare for Brexit

New Year’s Day 2021 will not be a typical 1 January. An entirely new customs regime will come into force, delivering a shock to companies not sufficiently prepared for the change ahead.

Changes to retail exports and duty-free shopping

17 September 2020: Duty-free shops will return from 1 January 2021, but international visitors to Great Britain will no longer be able to buy and take with them tax-free purchases from other retailers in the country as the VAT retail export scheme is scrapped.

Brexit and customs: taxing times

10 September: It’s now a matter of months before Britain transitions out of the EU. It could prove challenging and costly for businesses that aren’t prepared.