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External resources on exporting

Externally-produced resources providing practical information on how the UK's exit from the EU affects export rules and international trade.

Find an export market

Department for International Trade

Advice on how to research and understand export markets; visit markets to carry out research; and use trade shows to access customers, analyse the competition and assess demand.


Expert advice on exporting

Department of International Trade

Advice on how to expand a business overseas covering topics ranging from creating an export plan to managing payment for export orders

The UK transition ends in December


The transition period after Brexit ends in December and new rules apply from January 2021. Use this tool to get a personalised list of actions for you and your business. You can also sign up for emails to get updates for what you need to do.

How to create an export plan

Department for International Trade

Advice on what to include in a well structured business plan for exporting that will show banks, investors or partners that you are serious and have realistic and achievable goals. Published as part of the Exporting is Great website.