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Impact of Brexit by industry sector - all reports

This page contains a list of externally produced resources which consider the impact of the decision to leave the EU on individual industry sectors. The selection includes reports on potential issues/opportunities, forecasts and studies on related issues.

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Assessing the impact of Agricultural Transition in Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, Devon, Dorset and Somerset

Countryside and Community Research Institute 30 April 2022

Report undertaken by the Countryside and Community Research Institute, with support from the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise, providing insights into the transition from the Basic Payment Scheme to the new Environmental Land Management schemes in the South West. Looks at the impact the transition is likely to have on the farming community, supply chain, jobs, producers, suppliers, business owners, workers, and the wider rural economy.

The benefits of Brexit: How the UK is taking advantage of leaving the EU

HM Government 31 January 2022

Policy paper setting out the Government's vision for number of sectors post-Brexit and how it plans to achieve these. Includes: Financial services; Professional business services; Legal services; Automotive; Aerospace; Retail and consumer goods; Hospitality; Food and drink; Culture; Aviation; Space; Rail; Roads; Maritime; Nuclear; Construction; Farming; Fisheries.

Manufacturing after Brexit

UK in a Changing Europe 26 January 2022

Updated report from UK in a Changing Europe on where UK manufacturing stands after Brexit. Provides an overview of the various issues that Brexit and the Trade and Cooperation Agreement have raised for manufacturers in the UK.

Transporting goods to and from the EU

HM Government

Simple guide from HM Government which takes you through the stages involved in moving goods, covering: pre-journey documentation; documentation required when picking up goods; formalities at the EU and UK borders; and requirements after leaving the port. Also provides information on upcoming changes to international haulage in 2022 with links to further guidance.

Going it alone: health and Brexit in the UK

Nuffield Trust 20 December 2021

Report published by Nuffield Trust on the impact of leaving the EU and changing international relations for health. Looks at what has already happened and at what the NHS, government and business figures expect in future. Areas covered: medicines and devices, international trade agreements, devolution, procurement, workforce, and Northern Ireland. Published in December 2021.

Moving goods from the EU to Great Britain

Cabinet Office 16 December 2021

Step by step webinars which focus on the process for moving goods between the EU and Great Britain in multiple languages. Covers the movement of auto parts, cosmetics and textiles. The videos cover movements from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain from 1 January 2022.

The impacts of EU exit and COVID-19 on UK trade in services: November 2021

ONS 27 July 2021

Analysis from the ONS of UK trade in services in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the end of the EU transition period on 31 December 2020. Sectors covered: Government; Personal, cultural and recreational; Other business services; Telecommunications; Intellectual property; Financial; Construction; Travel; Transportation; Maintenance and repair; Manufacturing.

Environmental Land Management and the agricultural transition

UK Parliament 28 October 2021

Report published by the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee. Looks at the potential impact on farmers of the move to the new Environmental Land Management Scheme in England, following the UK’s departure from the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

New rules for international road haulage in 2022

GOV.UK 26 August 2021

Guidance published by GOV.UK on new rules for transporting goods to or through Europe from 2022. The new rules affect those transporting goods using cars and trailers, vans or other light goods vehicles and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Trade and co-operation with the EU: Six months on

Make UK July 2021

Report from Make UK exploring the key trends experienced by UK manufacturers in the early months of 2021. Examines the impact of the new trading relationship with the EU, including what has been challenging, what has improved and what obstacles remain for manufacturers.

The UK-EU trade deal: financial services

HOC Library 22 June 2021

Briefing paper from the House of Commons Library covering the UK-EU trade deal’s provisions on financial services and early indications of its impact on the sector.

Working and touring in Europe - guidance for the fashion sector

GOV.UK 2 June 2021

Checklist from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport for fashion professionals working, performing or touring in Europe. Includes: important checks; visa/work permits; transporting samples, examples and finished goods; transporting commercial goods; haulage; social security and income tax.

Brexit: the impact on the fashion industry

Fashion Roundtable May 2021

Results of a survey by think tank Fashion Roundtable of industry leaders in January and February 2021. Provides data and insights into the impact of the UK-EU trade deal on the UK fashion and textiles industry.

Seafood and meat exports to the EU

UK Parliament 29 April 2021

Report from the House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee. Areas considered include how the TCA has affected seafood and meat exporters to date, the effect on the market for British exports, the longer-term structural issues that now affect businesses and how some of these barriers to trade might be reduced.

Opportunities for the sheep sector

AHDB April 2021

Report from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board assessing key opportunities for the sheep sector now that the UK has left the EU. Includes sections on the sheep trade, domestic consumer demand, international consumer demand and competition analysis.

Brexit and The City: The Impact So Far

New Financial April 2021

Summary of a study from think tank New Financial on the impact of Brexit on the UK banking and finance industry and the emerging post-Brexit landscape of financial centres across the EU. Full report available upon request.

Letter to medicines and medical products suppliers: 30 March 2021

GOV.UK 30 March 2021

Letter from the Department of Health and Social Care. Provides industry and the wider supply chain with the latest advice and guidance in relation to contingency preparedness, initially put in place for the end of the Brexit transition period to help ensure the continuity of supply of medical goods into the UK.

Brexit impact report

British Meat Processors Association 24 March 2021

Report from the British Meat Processors Association examining the impact of the first three months of trading with the EU as a third country. The report seeks to differentiate between 'teething problems' and more serious impediments to trade that are affecting British companies.

Beyond Brexit: trade in services

UK Parliament 24 March 2021

House of Lords select committee report on the future UK-EU relationship on trade in services. Considers the crucial elements in the TCA affecting trade in services between the UK and the EU, together with areas where further agreement is required. Sectors covered: financial services; professional and business services; data and digital trade; the creative industries; research and education.

Beyond Brexit: food, environment, energy and health

UK Parliament 23 March 2021

House of Lords select committee report on what the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for food trade, fisheries, environment and climate change, energy and carbon pricing, chemicals and health.

Brexit and the legal profession

Law Society 19 March 2021

Guide published by the Law Society to help support solicitors and legal firms in adapting to the end of the transition period. Includes a checklist for law firms, country guides on practice rights and details of further resources and guidance.

UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement: Fisheries

House of Commons Library 18 March 2021

Overview from the House of Commons Library of some of the changes that took place for the fisheries industry on 1 January 2021 after the Brexit transition ended.

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