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Level 7 Accountancy Professional apprenticeship

Last updated: 10 September 2020

The Project Report upload window for the August session closed on Wednesday 02 September, and results will be released on Thursday 12 November. For students taking the ACA Advanced Level Case Study exam in August, the results will be released on Friday 2 October. We will contact all students who may wish to retake this exam with guidance on how to book for November.

The Project Report is one part of the Level 7 end-point assessment, the second part is the ACA Advanced Level Case Study exam.

For Level 7 apprenticeship students wanting to book the ACA Advanced Level Case Study exam at the November session, the booking window has changed but the exams will still be taking place in November as planned on 02, 03 and 04 November.

The advance information for the November Case Study exam will be available on the Case Study exam resources web page from Tuesday 22 September. Students will receive a hard copy in the post from Thursday 08 October.

The Project Report template for this session is now available via the Level 7 Project Report webpage and students can upload their report from Wednesday 07 October to Wednesday 18 November.

Booking window update

We will be offering both exam centre and remote invigilation exams for the November Advanced Level Case Study exam. Both options will be available to book throughout the booking window.

The updated booking window is:

 Exam centre/Remote invigilation  
Date of exam 
 Results released
 Session open  Session closing

10:00 UK-time

Monday 14 September

17:00 UK-time

Friday 25 September

 02, 03, 04 November  Friday 11 December

Students will be able to book their remote invigilation or exam centre exam via my.icaew.com/examsonline. When booking a remote invigilation exam, students will be asked to select their country rather than a centre name.

Students in a training agreement may wish to check with their employer before booking any exams, in case they have particular policies and suggested approaches already in place.

We have temporarily suspended the ACA assessment regulation requiring all other ACA exams to have been passed or attempted before the Case Study exam may be attempted.

Exam options

To keep exam options as flexible as possible, remote invigilation is being offered as a short-term contingency during the pandemic for Advanced Level exams.

It is recommended that students book in exam centres in the first instance as this is a tried and tested method of delivery. Seats at the exam centres are on a first come, first served basis. For each exam booking students will be shown the five closest exam centres to them with availability. If an exam centre does not appear, then unfortunately this means all the spaces are booked for that centre.

However, the remote invigilation option has been provided for those students who cannot access an exam centre or who do not wish to travel to an exam centre.

All exam centres will be following these guidelines and procedures (as of 26 June 2020) to keep students safe. ICAEW is confident that there are enough exam centre places to accommodate all students.

For students who decide to sit their exams via remote invigilation, there are technical and system requirements that must be met for their exams to run successfully.