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Video conferencing and remote collaboration tools

As working from home becomes the norm during the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, employees, colleagues and clients need online tools to to communicate effectively and collaborate remotely. This page collects ICAEW insights and externally-produced resources on the apps and software available and tips for best practice.

ICAEW insights

Special Report 69: Effective collaboration

Collaboration has been a trendy buzz word in business lexicon for some time now, but, as the pandemic has done with many other ‘nice-to have’ skills, it has now become absolutely necessary to master. With your colleagues, business partners, suppliers and all other stakeholders more than likely working from home, and maybe even across different locations and time zones, effective collaboration is essential

Helping charities, NGOs and not-for-profits stay safe

20 October 2020: Heightened levels of uncertainty combined with the hugely increased number of people working from home has created a perfect storm for fraudsters in the charity world, reports Mark Blayney Stuart.

Pandemic 2020: the new way of working

How do you recruit staff and blend an office while working remotely? Our members offer insights on the new business challenges of integrating new staff, keeping them in touch, maintaining advisory roles and addressing compliance issues.

Special Report 68: Commercial Insight

This special report explores how to be more commercial to add value and generate profit for your firm.

ICAEW REP 68/20 Tax after coronavirus

A response dated 7 September 2020. ICAEW are pleased to provide evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on its call for evidence on Tax after Coronavirus.

Pay it forward

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme portal is imperfect, yet it is a perfect example of how much and how quickly something can be achieved in pursuit of a common goal.

Remote auditing – remote team working

The spread of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) resulted in the rapid adoption of remote working, including remote auditing techniques. This extract from the Audit and Assurance Faculty Know-How guide 'Remote auditing in practice' focuses on remote team working, quality control and IT security.

Digital transformation of businesses during the Covid-19 crisis

Many businesses have had to adapt quickly in the last three months to deal with the impact of Covid-19 and lockdown, by making sure they are able to run their businesses remotely and mainly digitally by using and implementing the right kind of software.

Working from home in the age of the COVID-19

As work moves home, Lesley Meall finds out what’s working (and what’s not) in the new-look office life under lockdown from COVID-19.

Change for a greener accounting and IT world is on the horizon

Until COVID-19 forced us to immediately alter the way we live, opportunities to be greener were always on tomorrow’s agenda.

COVID reveals the benefits of cloud working

29 May: Businesses have been forced to adapt their ways of working almost overnight in light of the coronavirus lockdowns and those with cloud-based systems had a significant head start.

How to create a high-performing virtual finance team

1 May 2020: with the extended lockdown causing businesses a series of fresh and unprecedented challenges, how should finance leaders react to ensure their finance team and their business survive and thrive?

Remote working apps for lockdown and beyond

27 April 2020: With the government’s coronavirus lockdown measures continuing to keep workers out of the office, Microsoft MVP David Benaim shares tips on remote working apps, team communication tools and cloud storage options.

How should financial services respond to coronavirus and the cyber-security threats that come with it?

In 2002 the then US Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld claimed that when he looked to the future he saw two kinds of unforeseen event: the “known unknown” and the “unknown unknown”. Rumsfeld was lampooned for his statement at the time, but with the rise of COVID-19 and its knock on effects on IT systems across the world, many are coming face to face with the stark reality of this infamous truism.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): tech considerations around home working

26 March 2020: coronavirus is forcing many people to work from home to reduce social contact and minimise the associated risk of transmitting the disease. Technology is key to helping people work at home, so what are some of the things to consider when setting up and managing home working for your staff over the coming weeks and months? 

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Choosing your platform

COVID-19: Ultimate Guide to Free Video Conferencing & Collaboration

Rebekah Carter UC Today 16-03-2020

Companies that do not have the budget set aside for the move into video conferencing can now take advantage of free versions being offered in response to the coronavirus crisis. This article provides a handy round up of the premium tools being offered for free by the market leaders in video conferencing.

Getting started

What It Takes to Run a Great Virtual Meeting

Bob Frisch, Cary Greene Harvard Business Review 05-03-2020

Harvard Business Review provide a 12 step guide to help you run virtual meetings more effectively, using basic meeting best practices and easy-to-use, inexpensive technology. Harvard Business Review has made all its coronavirus coverage free for readers and the full section of articles can be accessed through its Insights hub.

The do’s and don’ts of video conferencing

Aliya Chaudhry The Verge 19-03-2020

The coronavirus crisis has left many firms struggling to adapt to video conferencing, especially when it is combined withe challenge of whole teams now working remotely. Aliya Chaudhry provides a straightforward guide to the do’s and don’ts of video conferencing.

Handling client meetings remotely

New service delivery models

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations 23-03-2020

This guide by the SCVO was intended to help voluntary sector organisations shift their service delivery into digital and remote channels, with many principles that would apply equally well to small businesses and practices. Further guidance at SCVO's Third Sector Information Hub.


Some practices may be looking to share screens with their clients and there are a range of remote desktop access solutions that can help, for example:

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