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International leadership

ICAEW supports governments and agencies, financial regulators, policymakers and national accountancy organisations in developing nations and emerging capital markets around the world.

We work with international forums such as the G20, G7 and the World Economic Forum to help shape high-level discussion of policy issues and the promotion of international financial stability.

G20 Hamburg 2017: Building a World of Strong Economies, Together

The motto for Germany’s 2017 G20 Presidency is “Shaping an interconnected world.” ICAEW Chartered Accountants are well placed to help further the G20’s important mission. This year, we have identified three areas where the profession can help build a world of strong economies, together: promoting strong financial systems through ethical leadership; implementing the UN sustainable development goals through systematic measurement; and endorsing energy efficiency through strong corporate responsibility.

G20 China 2016: A World of Strong Economies

The Hangzhou Summit was held under the overarching theme of ‘an innovative, invigorated, interconnected and inclusive world economy.’ ICAEW’s “G20 China 2016- A World of Strong Economies” put forward its policy recommendations in the following three key pillars needed to strengthen the global economy: bridging the infrastructure gap; implementing international tax reform; and entrepreneurship and SME growth as pillars of inclusiveness.

G20 Turkey 2015: A call to action

By placing a focus on the three I’s of investment, implementation and inclusiveness, the Turkish G20 presidency provided a set of actions for global leaders to agree on at the Leaders’ Summit in Antalya in 2015. ICAEW's 'G20 Turkey 2015 - A Call to Action' sought tangible actions in the following areas: closing the infrastructure gap; strengthening the international tax system; and encouraging SME and entrepreneurship growth.