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Public sector finances

ICAEW members are business and finance leaders working in the public interest for the long-term benefit of the UK economy.

While the majority of our members work in business, many of them also work within the public sector. Building on their expertise and insights, ICAEW supports greater transparency and accountability in public sector finance and provides policy recommendations to ensure tax-payers money is managed wisely.

View our latest policy recommendations in the listing below.

UK PFM stakeholder guide

ICAEW has a new addition to the better government series: a guide for stakeholders working with the UK Central Government Public Financial Management System.

ICAEW analysis of WGA 2015/16

On 13 July 2017, the UK Government published its seventh Whole of Government Accounts (WGA) - the UK government’s annual financial report for 2015/16. Here ICAEW experts provide a summary of the WGA.

Building blocks to better PFM

An accessible, practical guidance document from ICAEW, aimed at helping government entities move from cash to accruals accounting as a change project. The toolkit has been produced as part of the Better Government Series.

IFS Green Budget 2017

In its expert analysis of the UK's Whole of Government Accounts for the IFS Green Budget 2017, ICAEW has highlighted that long-term liabilities (the accounting deficit) means UK debt has hit £3.6 trillion, much bigger than the headline deficit of £1.5 trillion quoted in the national accounts.

Funding UK Infrastructure

Infrastructure needs to be a central priority for policymakers given the increased economic uncertainty that has emerged following the decision of the British people to leave the EU.

Audit v other forms of assurance; a Special Report

This paper explains the differences between the different forms of assurance, and why it is important for those seeking assurance to understand these differences, the work that has been carried out and what it is that they are actually receiving, so they can make appropriate judgements and decisions about the use of public monies.

A CFO at the Cabinet Table?

While recognising that the private sector is very different from the public sector, this report looks at the role of the Chief Finance Officer in a private company and asks what ideas the public sector could take from this.

Public Finances in Europe

The global financial and economic crisis is bringing about profound changes in international, financial and government institutions.

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