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Moving forward together

In this month’s View from the President, Neil Strong reports back on a recent IMS Committee meeting and shares some plans for the future…

Neil StrongIn my last “View From…” column I mentioned the need for a manifesto for IMS (it was election time, so manifestos were at the front of everyone’s mind…). In simple terms this would be a plan for the future and a way of focusing on what we hope to achieve. There’s nothing like thinking about the future to focus the mind and I’m pleased to say that the IMS committee recently met, discussed and agreed the following items as our plan for the future.

Aims and priorities

This is an ever-evolving document, shaped and developed by each new President and Committee. It’s a way of focusing on what we hope to achieve and how we plan to do so within the context of member needs. While some elements remain unchanged, the idea is to create something that reflects the changing needs of our members and where we stand in the current climate.

Delivering the goods

The Committee also discussed and agreed how to deliver these aims and priorities via the use of various sub-groups led by an IMS representative who will coordinate actions and activities in their specific area. 

Ultimately we aim to:

  1. Engage with members to identify needs and issues
  2. Set objectives that support IMS aims and priorities
  3. Report progress back to IMS Committee
  4. Promote IMS activities and events where relevant

Share (y)our vision

Clearly, some of the aims and priorities have already been established and certain sub-groups have already been formed, and these will continue. Others, we hope to develop over the next year, meaning there’s plenty of scope for members to get involved. You don’t have to be on the Committee to get involved with these groups, all we ask is that you’re able to commit some time, energy and ideas. If there are any areas that you think should be considered or if you would like to volunteer for a particular area then please get in touch.

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