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Annual review 2016

2016 proved to be a very successful year as ICAEW offered more services to a growing number of members and students around the world. Find out more by reading our report.

In many ways, 2016 was a year of surprises. The outcome of events such as the UK referendum and the US presidential election created uncertainty in a world just returning to stability 10 years after the start of the financial crisis. These events undermined trust in institutions and expertise, a legacy from the financial crisis. Add in the acceleration of technological development and it’s clear we face new challenges, threats and opportunities that will define our profession for the next generation.

Against this backdrop, we recognise ICAEW must adapt and evolve to be ready to play our part in rebuilding trust, confidence and certainty around the world. In this year’s Annual Review, you can read about:

  • The record numbers starting to train with ICAEW and our growth in membership numbers.
  • Our engagement with local and global political figures, particularly our work on Brexit.
  • Our involvement in the creation of tax guidance and policy, most notably our updated guidance on tax advice and the roll out of Making Tax Digital.
  • The completion of our new strategy and our vision of a World of Strong Economies, including how we are helping our members prepare for the impact of new technology on the profession.


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