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More than
you'd imagine.

In a rapidly changing world, uncertainty is about the only thing businesses can be sure of. As leaders in accountancy, finance and business, ICAEW Chartered Accountants work with organisations to look beyond the next quarter and take the long view on key issues – to help them achieve more than they’d imagine. The following topics are some of the issues we’re currently addressing as we work towards building a world of strong economies.

Who we are

We believe that accountancy can be a force for positive economic change across the world. We’ve been at the heart of the accountancy profession since it began in 1880, set up to ensure trust in business. The world has changed since then, and we’ve changed with it. As well as ‘being good with numbers’, our 147,000 members are talented, ethical and committed business professionals who are able to share knowledge and insight with governments, regulators and business leaders worldwide, to ensure we can all have a successful and sustainable future.