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ICAEW is first professional body to join Green Economy Coalition

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  • Publish date: 09 January 2014
  • Archived on: 09 January 2018

9 January 2014

As part of ICAEW’s commitment to sustainability, it has become the first professional body to join the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), which is a global network of organisations committed to accelerating the transition to a new green inclusive economy.

GEC includes among its membership the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and TEEB for Business. It brings together organisations that share its mission to accelerate the transition to a new green and resilient economy that provides a better quality of life for all within the ecological limits of the planet.

Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability for ICAEW said, “ICAEW shares GEC’s understanding of, and commitment to a green economy as one that brings a better quality of life for all, within the limits of the planet.  The unifying theme of our sustainability thought leadership work is looking at how organisations, markets and other systems can provide sustainable outcomes. Our ambition is to drive these outcomes through behaviour change and, working in collaboration with the coalition, we can achieve far more.”

Oliver Greenfield, convenor of the Green Economy Coalition, said, “ICAEW get the big picture.  They know that externalities compound together to create systemic risks for businesses, finance organisations, our economies and our broader society.  They have shown consistent leadership in tackling these big issues, creating understanding, bold partnerships and real change.  We are delighted to be working with them.”

ICAEW will work with GEC on their three core activities: creating a dialogue to ensure that the voices of all communities are represented; building knowledge by sharing expertise to generate a compelling narrative for change; and speaking with ‘one voice’ on the green economy policies that can bring about the transition to a more sustainable economy. ICAEW will contribute to GEC’s thematic work on financial reform to drive the transition to a green economy, using natural capital accounting to support the management of natural systems and measuring what matters by aligning elements of progress towards a green economy.