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  • Publish date: 03 April 2017
  • Archived on: 03 April 2018

Jo Russell speaks to Dianne Ramdeen about the Diploma in Corporate Finance, and to Jonathan Levy about ICAEW’s new Academy of Professional Development and how, even during a career, the learning should never stop.

Education, education, education. In terms of career acceleration and enhancing value to the workplace there can be no doubt of the role that continuing education can play. ICAEW’s Diploma in Corporate Finance, which earns those who pass the ‘CF’ designation, is most certainly another string to the corporate financier’s bow.

“With the Diploma in Corporate Finance there is an emphasis on the applied and the practical,” says Dianne Ramdeen, head of financial services programmes at BPP, the training provider running the study programme for the diploma. “This emphasis makes it particularly beneficial to people who require a deeper understanding of corporate finance transactions, regulations and techniques.”

The Diploma in Corporate Finance builds on the Certificate in Corporate Finance and is the highest level of achievement attainable on the ICAEW and CISI programme. Jointly developed and launched in 2012, the diploma is the only specialist corporate finance qualification in the UK, equivalent to a Level 6 qualification on the UK National Qualifications Framework.

The syllabus aims to equip students with demonstrable corporate finance skills and competencies – the subject matter it includes covers regulations, corporate governance and the practicalities of getting a company listed. And the course is relevant not just to those with an accounting background, but also bankers, lawyers or consultants.

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