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On the world stage

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  • Publish date: 03 April 2017
  • Archived on: 03 April 2018

Michael Izza, ICAEW’s chief executive, talks to Corporate Financier about global economies, regulation, innovation, the Trump presidency and the role of professional expertise in post-Brexit Britain.

The new ICAEW strategy is “a world of strong economies”. We are being a little bolder in terms of articulating the role that the accountancy profession plays in developing strong economies around the world. One thing our international experience has brought home to us is that if you want a country to prosper you need strong professional support there – whether in the private sector, within the business world, or the public sector. If you have an absence of financial management and accountancy skills in any of those areas you will effectively have an under-firing part of the economy.

Our millennial intake of new students to ICAEW are looking for a career that will be sustainable and rewarding, and also make a difference.

ACA goes global

About 23,000 ICAEW members work outside the UK right now. The ACAs we ‘export’ around the world are highly regarded. Interestingly, the appetite in these economies is now as great to train their own chartered accountants, using our knowhow and methodology. So about a third of our trainee chartered accountants are outside the UK. While we will continue to export people that we train in this country, we are keen for countries to bring through their own talent, using the UK framework of skills and ethics and professional approach to life and business.

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