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Switched on Deloitte

In our latest of a series about member firms’ approaches to their own M&A and growth, Jason Sinclair speaks to Marcus Boyle, chief strategy officer at Deloitte, about its acquisition push.

Q: How does M&A fit in with your general plans for growth?

A: M&A is a major part of Deloitte’s overall strategy. Our aspiration is to be the undisputed market leader at advising firms globally. From time-to-time we identify organisations that have skills or expertise they have built that really fits with that ambition. By bringing these businesses into Deloitte not only do we become stronger, but also our clients get a better service. And crucially it gives us a competitive advantage in retaining clients, or attracting new ones.

Q: What do you look for in an acquisition?

A: The choice is whether you grow a service line organically or look externally. What we’re looking for are people who want to join up with us, not sell up. We’re looking for people who can come in and start to build their careers within the Deloitte network and infrastructure, both here in the UK and internationally. We have been pretty successful at that. In the past five years we’ve done about 100 deals that are in the public domain and various additional things with under-the-radar deals and team hires. It’s a pretty big component of what we do.

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