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  • Publish date: 03 January 2017
  • Archived on: 03 January 2018

Brexit means Brexit, right? So why are fund managers, private equity investors and corporate finance advisers going through the permutations of how the UK parts company with the EU? Ingrid Tighe gives her insight.

Once the initial shock of the vote by the British electorate to leave the EU died down, and Theresa May was sworn in as the new prime minister, there was some rubbing of hands by private equity investors and corporate financiers alike. From conversations I have had with private equity houses and corporate finance advisers, the Brexit vote sparked an upswing in enquiries about potential new deals. But that certainly was not the only effect of the referendum vote on private equity.

The advisory community has seen an uptick in demand from owner-managers for advice. But they would need a crystal ball to know exactly what to say. One seasoned corporate financier told me his motto was ‘keep calm and carry on’, but he did admit that for his firm it would be harder to make decisions on whether to increase staff or not, despite the initial surge in potential new deals.

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