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Data backup solutions

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  • Publish date: 21 April 2015
  • Archived on: 21 April 2016

Data is the lifeblood of most businesses - but many have no idea how long they could survive without it, or how much data they could actually afford to lose.

Those are the fundamental questions that need to be addressed at a high level of management in developing a business's approach to data backup. Which data is most important to a business, and which less so? What are the necessary objectives, in terms of recovery time and recovery point? In other words, how long can be allowed to elapse between losing data and getting it back, and how much can you live with losing permanently?

This guide considers the business benefits of backup, including the specific advantages it can deliver in terms of business continuity, disaster recovery, and other areas. It then looks at some of the major approaches to backup, at both the system and hardware levels, and at the factors beyond technology that must be considered, such as data protection.

Much of this relates to organisations managing their own data backup requirements, but we also provide an overview of special considerations raised by the use of third-party backup service providers. The growth of cloud computing means an entirely different approach to backup, in which it becomes essentially a contractual and service-level issue rather than a question of internal systems.

The guide also provides an overview of some of the many management issues involved, for example the role of backup as a part of broader business continuity and resilience strategies. These highlight the fact that backup is not merely a technology issues but one that can go to the heart of the business's survival.

Download the complete 24-page guide (IT Faculty members only)

90-second video presenting the key points from the guide (available to all)