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The six Certificate Level modules are assessed electronically by e-assessment. To take one of these assessments you will need to attend an ICAEW approved test centre.

The e-assessment process is efficient and effective. Students simply input their answers into the computer and their results can be accessed the next day via the exams section of the students website. The assessments are one and a half hours long.

Applying for the e-assessment

You apply for and book an e-assessment directly with an approved test centre. You should first speak to your employer as they may have arrangements in place with a test centre and may organise your assessment for you along with your tuition.

Alternatively students whose firms do not have established arrangements or wish to make their own arrangements can book an e-assessment at a Pearson Vue test centre. To sign in to the Pearson website you will need your ICAEW student registration number. Your Pearson Username and Password are both 'ICAEW' followed by your student number (eg, ICAEW1234567). You will then be prompted to change your password for security, but your username will remain the same.

Preparing for the e-assessment

We recommend that you prepare for the e-assessments, both by using our learning materials and sample e-assessments.

Webinar recordings are also available to help you prepare for all Certificate Level modules.

The Management Information and Principles of Taxation assessments are changing. From 1 January 2016, each exam will include a new style of question.

Sitting the e-assessment

You are not restricted to specific exam date sittings, giving you and your employer greater flexibility in arranging study and assessment timetables to fit with work schedules and your organisation's business needs. Accredited test centres may be ICAEW accredited private centres such as tuition providers or the Pearson Vue dedicated test centres.

Cancelling or rescheduling an e-assessment

You can reschedule your e-assessment provided you notify your chosen assessment centre at least 24 hours before you are due to take the exam. Students who have booked the e-assessment but are unable to attempt the assessment due to illness or injury are expected to reschedule the date of the assessment.

Re-sitting the e-assessment

If you do not pass the e-assessment at the first attempt, you may make an application to re-sit the exam immediately. You are, however, advised to discuss re-sits with your employer.

ICAEW allows a maximum of four attempts for each Certificate Level module. Your employer may however have set their own policy as to how many attempts they will support within this limit. You are therefore advised to discuss this with your qualified person responsible for training (QPRT), or counsellor.

Access arrangements for exams

If you feel your exam performance may be hindered due to a health condition, disability, or specific learning difficulty (SpLD), we may be able to put access arrangements in place to support you during the exam. Your application for access arrangements must reach us one week after the published exam entry closing date for paper-based exams and 30 days before a planned e-assessment. If you want to make an application for access arrangements, please read the guidance note in full. 

For any further enquiries not addressed in the access arrangement guidance note please email aa@icaew.com


You will receive your results the day after you take the assessment. Results will be posted to the students login area of the ICAEW website the following day.