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Exam entry fees

Unless you are an independent student, it is common but not compulsory for your employer to pay exam entry fees on behalf of their students. We advise you to clarify this with your organisation if you are unsure.

The exam entry fees for the ACA are outlined below.

ACA fee structure

Fees are reviewed and updated annually.

The fees to 31 December 2017 will be:

  • Annual student fee: £165 (+VAT where applicable)
  • Certificate Level exam fee: £70 for each exam
  • Professional Level exam fee: £90 for each exam
  • Advanced Level exam fee: £170 for each Corporate Reporting and Strategic Management exam and £260 for Case Study exam

The costs for applying for credit for prior learning, where applicable, will be:

  • £70 for each Certificate Level module and £90 for each Professional Level module.