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Europe Region

ICAEW's Europe Region, headquartered in Brussels, significantly enhances our ability to offer access to the portfolio of ICAEW qualifications and capacity building services. It facilitates our work on technical and regulatory issues in partnership with professional institutes across Europe.


In 1994 ICAEW assumed an EU presence in Brussels – the first national professional accountancy body to do so – and since then has constructively engaged with an extensive range of senior EU policy makers and stakeholders. In keeping with ICAEW’s founding Royal Charter of 1880, this engagement has been pursued in the public interest and has addressed numerous EU policy matters and other initiatives, most notably in the financial reporting, auditing, governance, tax, enterprise, sustainability, financial services and public finance spheres. The Europe Region covers most of continental Europe, including all member states of the EU (beyond the UK, our headquarters), the European Economic Area, as well as current and likely future candidate countries for EU accession.

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Impact on ICAEW members

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What we do

ICAEW Qualifications and programmes

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ICAEW offers the ACA in a number of countries in Europe and globally, find out how you can train ICAEW Chartered Accountants in your firm or business and find out where we offer ACA training

Relation to UK audit rights

Information developed for national regulators in the EEA area to assist to appropriately recognise the level of ICAEW's qualification and recognise migrant auditors applying under article 14 of the EU Statutory Audit Directive.

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Reputation and influence

ICAEW is highly regarded for its technical excellence and thought leadership and as a result is able to act as a key policy influencer on a wide range of European and international issues. We regularly share our expertise by preparing briefings and responding to consultations on issues of direct relevance to the accounting and audit profession as well as on wider policy issues, including enterprise policy, sustainability and the public sector.

ICAEW is actively involved in major debates at EU level, stimulating informed debate among key stakeholders. Find out more about our on-going policy debates:

Working in partnership with global and regional organisations to promote good practice.

Consulting and working with the profession

ICAEW works with stakeholders in several European countries on many different levels and projects. Below are some examples:

  • EU: We are a founding member of FEE, the Federation of European Accountants, which acts as a consolidating representative voice of European accounting bodies. ICAEW is represented in all major FEE Working Groups and actively inputs into FEE’s work at European level. ICAEW is also a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and the Confédération Fiscale Européenne (CFE). Find out more about global and regional partnerships here
  • APSF: The Accountancy Profession Strategic Forum (APSF) was conceived by ICAEW following discussions with professional bodies in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. These discussions identified many common challenges, and, above all, a common interest in sharing experience and developing strategic thinking. The APSF is based on a partnership approach with an annual meeting organised by ICAEW with a host professional body. Find out more.
  • Common Content Project: ICAEW is working closely alongside a number of FEE member bodies in the Common Content Project, which seeks to unify the professional entry-level qualifications of the participating institutes. The project seeks to maximise the common elements of the professional qualifications while retaining national elements unique to each country. 
  • Cyprus: ICAEW has excellent relations with Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC). A special ICPAC members’ area can be accessed here.
  • Greece: ICAEW and SOEL (the Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Greece) have launched the Accredited Membership Programme (AMP), which enables students to study and qualify as chartered accountants and members of both ICAEW and SOEL. More information can be found here.  

Member support and networking

ICAEW is looking to builds its community of members in Europe to support.  There are a number of ways we are looking to do this, including increasing member support and networking in the region. There will also be direct elections to ICAEW Council in Europe & Eurasia and Cyprus constituencies.  Also look out for our regional newsletter.

Chartered Accountants' Benevolent Association (CABA) provides advice and practical support to current and former ICAEW chartered accountants and their families. Find out more on how they can help, including about the CABA helpline. 

News from the Europe Region

Brexit and professional qualifications

The recognition of professional qualifications is a significant issue which is being considered as part of the Brexit withdrawal negotiations as well as in the context of the future relationship between the UK and EU27. But it is important to place the issue in context. 

Maltese students celebrate ACA success

ICAEW’s ACA graduation ceremony celebrated the success of seven graduates and welcomed one in to ICAEW membership on the evening of Wednesday 24 October in Malta. They were joined by their families, friends, tutors and firms to celebrate their success. Speakers included Martin Manuzi, Europe Regional Director, ICAEW; David Valenzia, Territory Senior Partner, PwC Malta; William Spiteri Bailey, Maltese Institute of Accountants President; Chris Naudi, Partner EY Malta and ICAEW contact member, and Rachel Lee Curmi, Manager, PwC Malta.

ICAEW ACA graduates celebrate in Cyprus

150 students celebrated passing their ACA exams, the first stage of becoming ICAEW Chartered Accountants, in a ceremony at the Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia at 30 January 2018. Nick Parker, ICAEW President, Evgenios Evgeniou, ICAEW Contact Member and CEO PwC Cyprus, Rea Georgiou, Accountant General of the Republic of Cyprus, and Kyriakos Iordanou, ICPAC General Manager, were all in attendance.

ICAEW students celebrate graduation in Malta

ICAEW’s graduation event on 2 October in Malta celebrated the achievements of 19 ACA graduates with around 100 guests in attendance.

Intergenerational Fairness in Europe

Ensuring intergenerational fairness is one of the biggest challenges facing policy-makers today. Citizens are increasingly worried that their children may end up worse off than their parents.

AI and the future of accountancy

What does the rise of artificial intelligence mean for the future of the accountancy profession? ICAEW held an event in Prague on 27 June to debate the topic with leading figures from the profession in the Czech Republic.

ICAEW annual EU lecture - out thinking humans

ICAEW hosted the third annual EU lecture in Brussels on 29 June 2017, centering on the rise of artificial intelligence and its implications for labour markets across the globe. This flagship event is an opportunity for policy-makers, academics, business and finance professionals as well as the wider stakeholder community to step back from the daily policy agenda and hear from eminent academics about major societal, technological or economic challenges.

Making a difference: audit committees in Central and Eastern Europe

The joint ICAEW–Deloitte report Making a difference: audit committees in Central and Eastern Europe was launched in Brussels on 22 June. The report was launched during a lunchtime seminar, moderated by ICAEW Executive Director Robert Hodgkinson, with speakers from the European Parliament, the Slovenian Audit Oversight Body, The World Bank Centre for Financial Reporting Reform and audit committee members from the region. Dorota Zaliwska, the Head of the Audit and Credit Rating Agencies Unit at the Commission was also on the panel. The report will be of interest to companies, external auditors, professional bodies and regulators and ICAEW Would welcome your comments.

Brexit discussed in Gibraltar

Held in June 2017, ICAEW hosted an evening event on Brexit for our members, students, stakeholders and the Gibraltar of Society of Accountants.

A Career in Financial Services

On Wednesday 24 May 2017, ICAEW and Globaltraining jointly organised a workshop on ‘A Career in Financial Services’ at the University of Nicosia. The discussion brought together 65 participants, including ACA students and many younger members.

ICAEW and ICPAC host annual forum on the future of the accountancy profession and pledge ongoing cooperation

Leaders of the accountancy and finance profession gathered in Nicosia, Cyprus for the fifth Accountancy Profession Strategic Forum (APSF) 2017 on 4 May 2017. The annual meeting was organised in cooperation with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC) and attended by professional accountancy organisations (PAOs) from Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Following the APSF, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between ICAEW and ICPAC. The agreement continues the successful cooperation between the two professional bodies for the advancement of accounting knowledge and professional and intellectual development. The MoU will formalise the process by which members gain membership of the other professional body and gain practice and statutory audit rights in the partner country, providing they complete the professional and regulatory requirements.

First ACA new members and graduation ceremony, in Athens

Hosted by ICAEW Chief Executive, Michael Izza, eighteen new members and ACA exam-qualified students attended the event in April and were joined by their families, friends, tutors and firms to celebrate their success. Many of our 150 ICAEW members in Greece were also there and enjoyed the celebrations.

Fast track to the ACA in Europe

Did you know that ACA students who have already obtained an academic or professional qualification could enjoy a fast track route to becoming an ICAEW Chartered Accountant? ACA students can take advantage of ICAEW’s Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) scheme which recognises the knowledge they have already gained.

#publicmoneymatters: ICAEW launches report in Brussels

As part of the Better Government Series, ICAEW Europe Region has launched a new research report on Public Finances in Practice at a lively event in Brussels on 28 February 2017.

Launch of joint ICAEW-EGIAN tax report

On 12 December 2016, the Europe Region launched a joint tax survey report with EGIAN (The European Group of International Accounting Networks and Associations) named Tackling taxes – Business Perspectives from across Europe for information. The report captures the aggregate views of more than 170 tax professionals from 29 European countries advising businesses on compliance with tax regimes in Europe. It also provides their thoughts on EU and international policy initiatives - as well as on the digitalisation of tax.

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