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Work experience toolkits

ICAEW has developed a toolkit of resources that will help you give short term work experience to school or college students at your organisation. The toolkits have been redesigned and now include a series of videos that align to our professional development ladders to highlight the importance of these skills in chartered accountancy. The toolkits have been developed in a way to give structure for students on work experience to ensure they have a positive experience with you. As well as providing tasks and exercises for students to work on autonomously there are also opportunities for you to monitor their progress and for them to share ideas with you.

Why offer work experience placements?

There are several benefits for employers who offer work experience placements. It can help to raise your profile among local schools, encourage the number and quality of applications you receive and is a way of feeding the future talent pipeline. Providing work experience placements can also help satisfy CSR considerations by encouraging meaningful connections within your community and providing the opportunity to network and develop relationships with local schools and sixth form colleges.

ICAEW student toolkit

The student toolkit is made up of three key elements: a fictitious business case study activity, business analysis models and eight short videos that showcase the ICAEW professional development modules. The toolkit has been designed this way to offer students a varied learning experience by drawing upon three key elements they need to start developing to pursue a career in chartered accountancy.

ICAEW employer toolkit

The employer toolkit works in conjunction with the student toolkit and will support you both before your student arrives and during the time they are with you. Provided in the toolkit is a check list for briefing students during work experience placements, a suggested work experience placement structure and useful sources of information. The employer guide also holds the answers to the series of activities found in the student booklet.

Register to receive your toolkits

To receive your free work experience toolkits please complete the form below and you will be able to download the toolkits straight away. We will also post hard copies to you.

For more information on work experience toolkits, please contact the student recruitment team (we@icaew.com) +44 (0)1908 248 150.

How to promote work experience to students

Students look for work experience placements via company websites but they often use our online portal, Training Vacancies. You can advertise your work experience placements on Training Vacancies for free, where you’ll have the opportunity to detail any pre-requisites you may be looking for from work experience students. You can also advertise your school leaver, graduate and internship opportunities for free using Training Vacancies.

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