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Become authorised to train ACA students

It's become increasingly flexible to train ICAEW Chartered Accountants, giving employers greater flexibility and choice while retaining the quality and prestige of the ACA qualification. As a result, thousands of organisations of all sizes globally attract and retain talented individuals by offering one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. So, if you’re looking to ensure your organisation can achieve its ambition, join the growing number of employers globally who are authorised to train ICAEW Chartered Accountants.

Before you begin to train ACA students, you will need to be authorised. It is a simple process that follows three simple steps, is free of charge and usually takes 3-4 weeks. 

Three steps to training

Ways to train

There are currently two ways to train chartered accountants.

1. Your organisation can become an authorised training employer (ATE)

As an ATE, you will offer ACA training in your organisation and help to develop accounting, business and finance professionals. Offering the ACA qualification will help you attract and retain talented and committed individuals who will add value to your business.

2. You can become an authorised training principal (ATP)

As an ATP, you can make a difference to the careers of others and will have the option to offer ACA training to your team or organisation. You’ll monitor the ACA students in your organisation and you’ll guide, review and advise them throughout their training. 

Our Regional Business Development Managers and Training Managers will be able to discuss your options, helping you to ensure you choose the option that is right for you.

Apply to become authorised

Your first step to becoming authorised is to download, complete and submit the relevant application form.

If you are applying to become an ATE, you will need to name the person who will act as the qualified person responsible for training (QPRT) at your organisation. This person will have overall responsibility for ACA training within the organisation and is usually the main point of contact with ICAEW. The QPRT should hold a CCAB qualification or be a member of an internationally-recognised accountancy body. They should also hold a senior position within the organisation eg, partner, director, senior manager. If the QPRT is not a member of ICAEW you will need to complete an additional form, which needs the name of an ICAEW adviser to support the QPRT if necessary.

The criteria for becoming an ATP is the same as a QPRT.  

We will arrange an authorisation visit

When we receive your application form, one of our Training Managers will meet with you to discuss and assess how you can meet our universal training standards, which are best practice principles for training. 

This meeting will also cover the number of offices you would like to register, the practical work experience and development elements during the ACA training agreement, the ACA exams and training records. The Training Manager can also advise on tuition and assist with any training queries you may have. 

Further information

Please contact our authorisation team for more information or to arrange a visit:

T: +44 (0)1908 248 038
E: training@icaew.com