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As part of your apprenticeship you will need to complete either the ICAEW CFAB or ACA Certificate Level exams, and a case-study style role simulation exam. Here is the information you need on the exams you’re studying.


As part of this Level 4 apprenticeship student following the ICAEW CFAB qualification, you will study each ICAEW CFAB exam and gain the fundamentals in accountancy, finance and business. 

ICAEW CFAB is the first six Certificate level exams of our ACA qualification, as well as a globally recognised, stand-alone qualification.

Level 4 ACA 

If you are a Level 4 Accounting Technician student following the ACA Certificate Level exams, you will gain in-depth understanding across accountancy, finance and business. You will also develop the technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience needed to become an ICAEW Chartered Accountant. 

As part of your apprenticeship you will study and complete the ACA Certificate Level. Once you have completed this level and achieved the Level 4 Accounting Technician apprenticeship, you will continue to the ACA Professional and Advanced Level exams and continue to develop and progress through the practical work experience, professional development and ethics and professional scepticism components of the ACA qualification.

Role simulation exam

In addition to the ICAEW CFAB or ACA Certificate Level exams, as part of the Level 4 Accounting Technician apprenticeship, you are also required to sit and pass a case-study style role simulation exam after 12 months. 

This exam is 2.5 hours long and is invigilated. The exam will test the knowledge, skills and behaviours you have developed during your apprenticeship. 

Before the exam

You will receive advance information six weeks before your exam. You will be able to access this via a web link, which we will email to you. The advance information may contain 12-15 pages of background information on a company, a recent set of financial statements and an organisational hierarchy. 

You will need to familiarise yourself with this information before the exam, with the support of your tuition provider.

On the day of the exam

During this exam, you will work through a series of business-related challenges based on the advance information. You will be able to take a copy of this information in to the exam with you. You can also take the ICAEW CFAB or ACA Certificate Level learning materials into the exam. 

You will also be presented with some additional information about the company, as well as a number of tasks which you will be expected to work through.

Exam sittings

The role simulation exam can be sat in March, June and December each year. The exam will be marked, graded and has a pass mark of 70%. If you score 90% or more, you will receive a distinction.

Exam attempts

There is no maximum number of attempts for the role simulation exam. However, if you are unsuccessful and wish to re-sit you must attempt and pass within 12 months. 

Exam resources

To help you prepare for the role simulation exam, explore the sample exams below with advance information, exam questions and answers.