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Deliver the trailblazer

From 1 May 2017, any organisation which wants to deliver apprenticeships must be listed on the new Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP). This will apply whether you are delivering to a levied employer or a non-levied employer.

Remember - even if you are currently on the existing Register of Training Organisations (RoTO) to deliver apprenticeships, you will need to apply to the new register. There will be no automatic transfer from RoTO to the RoATP.

Applying to join the register

The new register is designed to improve the quality of apprenticeship delivery and increase employer choice across the entire training provider network. As a result, the ESFA have increased their information requirements for the application.

The registration process will assess your ability to deliver high quality apprenticeships, as well as your financial health and eligibility to receive public funding. There are three routes:

  • main route – this route will suit the majority of training providers. These organisations will deliver to both levied and non-levied employers, and will have the capacity to deliver all or the main parts of the apprenticeship;
  • specialist route – this route is for training providers that have specialist knowledge and can support part of the delivery of an apprenticeship. These providers can also act as sub-contractors to a main route provider; and
  • employer-provider route – this route is for levied employers who want to provide apprenticeship training to their own staff. These providers can also act as a subcontractor to a main provider, but they will not be eligible to deliver to non-levied employers.

What you can expect

There are three key areas which you can be expected to be tested on:

  • due diligence – this includes factual information regarding your legal status, director information and compliance;
  • financial health – there are different requirements for employers, private training providers and public sector applicants; and
  • quality, capacity and capability – this looks at Ofsted results, staff knowledge, qualifications and skills, as well as performance data.  

For more information, visit gov.uk/esfa

Key dates

The RoATP opened for applications for the first time in October 2016. It will reopen for new applications every quarter.

Once you have joined the RoATP, you must re-apply every 12 months to maintain your position on the register.  

The employer-provider relationship at a glance

Next steps

To deliver our new accountancy trailblazer, you will need to become an ICAEW Partner in Learning. If you’re not already registered with us, it’s straightforward and free for you to apply. Once approved, you will automatically benefit from the full range of services and support we provide.

To find out more about becoming an ICAEW Partner in Learning, visit icaew.com/partnersinlearning

Good to know

You may speak to organisations who are keen to offer our new accountancy trailblazer to their employees. In order to do this, they will also need to be authorised by us. If they are not already an ICAEW authorised training employer (ATE), it’s simple to set them up.  

For more information about becoming an ATE, employers can visit icaew.com/trainaca

Support from ICAEW

We are here to support you and your students every step of the way. Here are just some of the ways in which we can help you to get your apprenticeship delivery off to a great start:

  • access to a dedicated manager at ICAEW, who will be on hand to support you throughout the apprenticeship journey;
  • access to ICAEW learning materials to support your teaching;
  • receive exclusive invitations to our annual conferences, updates and events;
  • benefit from the use of our ICAEW Partner in Learning logo on your marketing materials, as well as visibility on our website;
  • receive regular newsletters and alerts; and
  • receive regular copies of our student and member magazines to keep up-to-date.