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Practice Promotion - Effective promotional activities in less time than ever

This unique session will help ensure that you and your firm can better attract the clients you want - through conventional means, social media and Linkedin. And you’ll learn how to remain compliant with the new GDPR obligations that address the data you hold about prospects and clients.

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Unlike some other courses on related topics this one is free of hyperbole, impractical and costly solutions. You don't need to spend a fortune to promote your practice effectively. You simply need an appropriate plan - whether for your own practice or when you have responsibility for new client generation in a larger firm.

Key takeaways:

  • The 3 stage process you must follow when promoting your firm
  • How to save time on social media and when networking generally
  • What to do to ensure you remain compliant with GDPR 

This interactive half day course will cover all of the following practical topics:

  • Distinguishing you and your firm from your competitors
  • Essential elements of the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
  • How to avoid marketing and new client pitfalls from a QAD perspective
  • Moving suitable clients from compliance to advisory services
  • The key changes to make to your social media activity if it's not working for you
  • When you can use social media effectively for promotional purposes
  • Seven key tips to ensure your networking activities are (even) more worthwhile
  • How to pro-actively use Linkedin to target your ideal new clients

ICAEW trainer - Mark Lee FCA

Mark is an independent speaker, trainer, mentor, author and debunker. More interestingly he is also Treasurer of The Magic Circle.

He started training accountants in the 1980s and has long focused on sharing commercial practice-focused advice for general practitioners. During his career in practice he worked for all sizes of practice and was a partner at two top firms. For much of this time he was a frequent commentator in the professional press. In 2006 Mark shocked his peers by choosing to move away from practice work, to help other accountants build more successful careers and practices. He has a special interest in working with sole practitioners who can access his support in a variety of ways.

Mark is a frequent blogger and contributor to various accounting journals and websites. He has written over 200 practice-focused articles for AccountingWeb, which have been viewed over one million times.

He was once described by AccountancyAge as "probably the most networked accountant in the UK”. More recently Mark has been consistently identified as one of the most influential accountants online. He is very active on social media but often debunks the way this is over-hyped to accountants.