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Benefits of the accreditation to employers

The Forensic Accountant Accreditation is a benchmark for experienced forensic accountants.

Forensic specialists who are awarded the accreditation are added to an independent, trusted and reliable online register, which provides details of high quality specialists in the forensic accountant field with recent and relevant experience.

The application process

The scheme is now closed to new applicants.

Demonstrate your expertise

The accreditation demonstrates the expertise of your employees which:

  • raises the forensic profile of your team and can serve as a team goal and a point of differential advantage for organisations where whole teams have demonstrated their experience and commitment
  • provides credibility and tangible proof of your employees specialist skills, commitment and experience via the online register
  • positions your employees as specialists and raises their profile within the profession - increasing your visibility to existing and potential clients

Assurance for your clients

Rigorous assessment

The ICAEW’s rigorous assessment gives assurance and confidence that those on the register are professionally validated as specialists in their field. It also ensures that a high standard of competence as a forensic accountant or expert witness has been met.