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What is CPD?

As a member, you are required to maintain and develop your skills throughout your career. You must confirm that you are doing so by making a CPD declaration every year.

How much CPD should I do?

Make a CPD declaration

You need to make a CPD declaration every year.

Declare CPD
Unlike some professional bodies, we don’t dictate how much CPD members must do. There are no set hours or points to attain. You simply need to complete as much development activity as you feel is required to remain competent in your role(s).

What activities count as CPD?

You don’t necessarily need to attend training courses to maintain CPD compliance. We recognise that people learn in different ways, through several different channels.

These are the popular ways members stay up to date:

Keeping a record of your CPD

Please keep a record of the CPD activity you do in case you are selected to show evidence of compliance.