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ICAEW Accredited Software

ICAEW's accredited software spans E-Commerce products to Property Management and Letting software and a host of others all designed for the accountancy industry. Each is rigorously individually evaluated and available from reputable companies.

Accreditation scheme

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ICAEW's Accreditation scheme gives peace of mind with access to reliable and independently evaluated software products.

All the products on the scheme have satisfied our robust technical evaluation criteria and are from companies that are financially sound and offer strong customer support. The scheme is fast becoming the benchmark for software used by accountants in both business and practice markets.

A full evaluation report is available to download for each product.

Accounts Production / Final Accounts Software

Fundamentally good accounts production software should:

  • be capable of supporting the account production functions for which it was designed
  • provide facilities to ensure the completeness, accuracy and continued integrity of these account production functions
  • be effectively supported and maintained to the latest standards and legislation.

It is also desirable that good accounts production software should:

  • be easy to learn, understand and operate
  • make best practical use of available resources
  • accommodate limited changes to reflect specific practice and client requirements
  • a good audit trail.

It is essential, when SaaS software is implemented, for appropriate support and training to be available.

Sage Software


IFRS SYSTEM makes accounts production easier and more efficient regardless of whether you are dealing with a complex consolidation or straight forward dormant accounts. With an easy to use interface and an extensive range of features IFRS SYSTEM is the accounts production software for big businesses preparing accounts under IFRS, FRS 101 and FRS 102.

Business Management Software

Business Management Software is often a modular solution that can be built and grown around each company's specific requirements. Examples of these modules will be, stock control, warehouse management, sales & purchase order processing, eCommerce management, financial management, etc.

Wise Software Ltd

E-Commerce Software

eProcurement services, using electronic means of sourcing and/or purchasing.

An eProcurement solution should:

  • Promote efficiency within an organisation /government
  • Improve commercial relationships with suppliers
  • Reduce costs for suppliers dealing with the organisation/government
  • Improve supply chain management
  • Have a full electronic purchase to pay facility with order tracking, budget control and authorisation capability
  • Be capable of supporting the functions for which it was designed
  • Be effectively supported and maintained
  • Be easy to learn, understand and operate.

It is essential, when any system is implemented, for appropriate support and training to be available.

The IT Index

The IT Index is a simple to use web based purchase ordering system that enables customers to obtain competitive prices on a wide range of computer products from a single source as a result of an automated daily data feed from a selection of mainstream UK based suppliers.

Access to The Index is provided free of charge to qualifying customers.

Employee Expenses Management Software

Expenses Management software - refers to the system and/or systems deployed by a business to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses.

Good employee expense management software should:

  • Permit efficient detailed submission of expense claims and automatically route them for authorisation and review in accordance with the prescribed company expenses policy
  • Provide detailed reports to allow companies to determine spend patterns, benchmark category spending and permit fast payment to claimants
  • Provide sufficient information to allow companies to meet their regulatory reporting obligations in respect of personal income tax and VAT

It is essential, when software is implemented, for appropriate support and training to be available.


Concur® is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Concur's easy-to-use Web-based and mobile solutions helps control costs and save time. Concur's open platform enables the entire travel and expense ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and developers to access and extend Concur's T&E cloud. Concur's systems adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large. Learn more at http://www.concur.co.uk or the Concur blog.
Enterprise Tax Software

UK VAT – Tax Engine software should automate and centralise the processing of VAT and other transaction type taxes on both sales and procurement transactions.

Companies adopt tax engines because these systems contain the necessary tax logic and data for accurately calculating and reporting transaction taxes such as Valued Added Tax (VAT). In a typical ERP or other financial system this tax data content is not included, so leaving the maintenance and updating of the system as a burden for the user. The automation of transaction tax calculation and reporting provides a higher level of consistency, risk management, transparency and assurance when compared to an ERP or other financial system.

Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

Financial forecasting and budgeting software should:

  • Be capable of supporting the forecasting and budgeting functions for which it was designed
  • Remain current with compliance requirements in the business communities in which it functions.
  • Provide facilities to ensure the completeness, accuracy, confidentiality and continued integrity of these financial forecasting and budgeting modelling functions.
  • Be effectively supported and maintained.
Financial Products Software

Financial accounting software, including online financial and forecasting software

Financial Products for Educational Establishments


Capita FMS version 6.158 is an integrated financial management system that has been specifically designed for schools and Local Authorities. The package is fully supported through Capita and by Local Authority units.

Online financial products


AccountsIQ Enterprise – is a Cloud Accounting application for delivery over the Internet. Suitable for small to enterprise level businesses with complex group consolidation requirements. It is designed primarily as a full online accounting solution for accountants and Business Process Outsourcers as a platform for offering accounting services to their clients.

Exact software

Exact is fully featured and well specified, and the company is fully committed to its development, enhancement and usability


The system ledger design incorporating Sales, Purchase, and General Ledger together with very flexible SOP, POP and Stock system provides accuracy and a facility to produce audit trails and reports as required.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online - Simple Start, Essential and Plus v63 are a range of well-designed, internet-based, accounting systems that has been competently written and are supported by Intuit Ltd.

Sage Software 

Sage products have been competently written and are supported by Sage (UK) Ltd Accounting through a network of authorised business partners.

Download the full Sage One Accounts (Extra) evaluation report

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a well-designed product for producing sets of accounts that will be supported directly by SAP through its partners.

Evaluation of Surfaccounts  invoicing and accounting software.


Xero is an online accounting system for small businesses and their accountant.

On-premise financial products

Access Accounts

The modular ledger design incorporating Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger and General Ledger gives flexibility and accuracy with a facility to printout complete audit trails and reports as required.


The QuickBooks range is a well‐designed accounting package targeted for the small business market, for which the product has been adequately specified.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Pro

PS Financials

A strong and user-friendly system that is straight-forward to use.

Sage Software

Sage products have been competently written and are supported by Sage (UK) Ltd Accounting through a network of authorised business partners.

Wise Software Ltd

OrderWise is a highly scalable, comprehensive, end to end business management software solution suitable for SME’s and larger companies with 1 to 200 plus users. It includes the option to have an integrated web site, multi-channel web integrations and listings, order processing management, mobile warehouse management and accounts.

Online Financial Controls and Automation Software


The BlackLine Financial Close Management solution empowers end-users to gain full control over the financial close process by streamlining accounting workflows, and producing financial and regulatory reporting in a timely manner, while ensuring accuracy and simplified auditability.

Personal and Corporation Tax Software

Software that assists individuals or companies prepare and file income, corporate and tax returns.

Sage Software

Portfolio Administration Software

Portfolio Administration software solutions should provide an efficient and effective means of managing an investors assets, providing the ability to manage the wide range of assets available to an investor.

Property Management and Letting Software

Accounting software specifically designed for Property Management and Letting Companies.

CFP Software

A well designed product that adequately fulfils the needs for end users in this type of business and is sufficiently specified.


A well designed product, adequately fulfils the needs for end users in this type of business and is sufficiently specified.