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ICAEW Service Reviewed Apps

Each is rigorously individually reviewed and available from reputable companies.

Review service

If you wish to have your App Reviewed please see the information for software companies section

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ICAEW's Review scheme gives peace of mind with access to reliable and independently evaluated software products.

All the products on the scheme have satisfied our robust technical review criteria and are from companies that are financially sound and offer strong customer support. 

A full review report is available to download for each product. 


“Accounting Practice Apps”

'MyFirmsApp gives accountants and bookkeepers a way tolaunch their very own App into the Apple and Android stores without paying the significant fees to develop an App from scratch; whilst benefiting from a carefully refined launch process. This means launching an App requires minimal time investment to go live. This enables accountants to provide both current and potential clients with a powerful App that can become the interface between their firm, their contacts and the systems they use.
There are various levels of functionality that can be purchased.