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Future of assurance

Assurance services are engagements in which an independent chartered accountant takes a close look at some specified business information, comparing it to agreed criteria. Through its Audit & Assurance Faculty, ICAEW promotes dialogue about assurance services to help practitioners and those commissioning and using assurance reports.

ICAEW has brought together investors and assurance experts to discuss this fast-developing field and created The Audit and Assurance Innovation Panel (TAAIP). The panel works to share emerging best practice, develop innovative thinking and look ahead to where the assurance market is going next. 

TAAIP aims to:

  • Find out where new services could strengthen markets and support economic confidence by making information flows more credible.
  • Ask how the International Framework for Assurance Engagements can be applied and developed.
  • Answer demands for practical guidance to meet emerging market needs.

Read the latest publications below: 

Assurance mapping

Assurance maps can be a powerful tool providing great insights for boards, senior management and audit committees. Here the Audit and Assurance Faculty explores the concept of assurance maps and the benefits to various stakeholders.

How can accountants best support small businesses?

Accounting experts from across Europe share their experiences offering services to audit exempt businesses, and consider the future of the profession. Summary of the joint FEE / ICAEW event held in February 2014.

The journey: assuring all of the annual report?

Businesses, investors, accountants and regulators are all on a journey to find the right assurance over the right information in the financial statements, the rest of the annual report, and beyond.