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Audit insights: industry sectors

Audit insight reports on industry sectors including retail, charities, manufacturing and more.

Audit insights: small businesses

Auditors highlight, from their experience, opportunities and pitfalls in running a small business. Crucially, it is important to plan realistically to anticipate challenges; build digital skills to match growth aspirations; anticipate cash collection delays; and develop the mental agility to respond positively to pressures.

Audit insights: construction

The report identifies five areas in the current landscape that auditors think are of most interest and relevance to construction businesses, investors, policy-makers and other construction stakeholders.

Audit insights: manufacturing

Auditors have hit back at descriptions of manufacturing companies as ‘zombies’. In a new report, entitled Audit insights: manufacturing, they warn that lack of understanding of the sector’s cyclical nature could have a negative impact.


Audit insights: retail - like-for-like sales is not the only story

In this Audit insights: retail report we focus on three key areas – changing business models, the impact of the living wage and the volatility of foreign exchanges – and ask the questions that investors, retailers, auditors and the media need to consider if they are to provide clarity and understanding on how well retailers are making profits.

Audit insights: retail 2014

Audit insights: retail 2014 has been drafted by a group of audit experts from the six largest audit firms based on their many years’ combined experience auditing retail businesses across the UK and internationally, and based on their current involvement in planning and delivering audits in the sector. Their sketch of the sector landscape is based on the flags carefully chosen in the first Audit insights: retail, published in January 2013, which mark out the most immediate areas of interest.

Audit insights: retail 2013

This report seeks to explore issues that may not have reached an audience outside the retail sector, and to bring forward the trends and issues that interest the auditors and affect every retail stakeholder.