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Audit insights: technology

View the latest reports on data analytics and cyber security.

Audit insights: data analytics - evidence, not assumptions

Data analytics is transforming the way business operates and the different skills that are needed to stay head of the competition. This publication explores the impact of data analytics on business and provides management with a high-level approach to data analytics.

Audit insights: cyber security – taking control of the agenda

The impact of cybercrime is growing across the economy and cyber risk continues to be high on board agendas. However, business are struggling to turn general awareness and concern into effective action. This slow pace of change is increasingly frustrating governments and regulators, and businesses need to show more urgency and take control of their cyber agenda. This report provides a further update to the four findings highlighted in the Audit insights: cyber security report, published in November 2013 and updated in 2014 and 2015.

Audit insights: cyber security, closing the cyber gap 2015

Cyber security breaches continue to increase in frequency as businesses struggle to get cyber security right. Boards are finding it difficult to have meaningful discussions about security and approaches to supply chain cyber risks result in a lot of paperwork but few improvements in practice. It’s no wonder hackers are accessing more and more information from large companies and making headline news in the process. This latest Audit insights: cyber security report, examines the approaches companies and boards should take to ensure systems are secure, and to manage the impact of breaches.

Audit insights: cyber security 2015

Cyber security is the work of a group of audit experts from the six largest audit firms based on their many years of experience in IT audit and assurance in the UK and internationally, and based on their current involvement in planning and delivering IT audit and assurance engagements. This 2015 report provides an update to the four flags highlighted in the first Audit insights: cyber security report, published in November 2013.

Audit insights: cyber security

This report highlights four areas that external auditors believe are of most interest and relevance to senior management, non-executive directors, investors, policy-makers and other stakeholders. It is the work of a group of external audit experts from large and medium-sized audit firms with many years’ combined experience of auditing companies. Representatives of the following firms formed the working group of external audit experts: BDO , Deloitte, EY, Grant Thornton, KPMG and PwC.

Inspiration: Program Sharing Knowledge

In 2010 the Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants (NBA) started Program Sharing Knowledge, designed to identify and capture information on structural risks across entire sectors by making use of auditors’ expertise. Inspired by the success of Program Sharing Knowledge, the Audit and Assurance Faculty have developed Audit Insights and our own Sector Report process to harness the expertise of auditors in the UK.