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Right First Time with the Clarified ISAs - webinars

In producing the Right First Time with the Clarified ISAs guide, ICAEW's ISA Implementation sub-group concentrated on what it considered to be the top 10 issues affecting auditors during clarified ISA implementation. It aimed to provide succinct guidance material directing attention to the key issues.

To complement the Right First Time guide, the ISA Implementation sub-group has produced a series of webinars based on individual modules within guide. The webinars are all short, stand-alone modules lasting between 10 and 20 minutes. The webinars can be listened to on an individual or group basis to support firms' clarified ISA training programmes.

Clarified ISAs (UK and Ireland) are effective for audits of financial statements for periods ending on, or after, 15 December 2010 and it is hoped that these Right First Time webinars will help medium-sized and smaller firms meet the challenge presented by the clarified ISAs as they implement the new standards and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the clarified ISAs for enhanced audit quality, better documentation and improved reporting to clients.