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Special reports archive

Past editions of the Business and Management Faculty special reports.

Special Report 39: Leadership

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This special report on leadership has been compiled to point you in the right direction in your leadership search. The authors all firmly support the idea that, although some leaders may be born, many more are made, and the appropriate training and support forms a vital component in this development.

Special report 38: Lean thinking

Our special report outlines the core concepts and thought processes behind the lean philosophy and aims to provide yoiu with the fundamental tools to help you get started with adopting a lean framework.

Special Report 37: Decision making

This special report aims to provide an overview of the key aspects you should understand to improve your current processes. The report is split into two sections - 'Practical tips' offers useful guidance including a case study and experiences from members of the faculty committee and 'The big picture' examines the theory behind the process from a leadership and data quality perspective.

Special Report 36: Behavioural economics

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This report highlights the importance of understanding the human behaviour in our choice selection. It introduces the key behavioural principles that you should be familiar with as business professionals. Business applications are explored through practical examples including project appraisal, pricing and securing investment.

Special Report 35: Communication skills

This special report encompasses a number of articles from experts in various aspects of communication, providing a guide to the key issues that accountants should be aware of and offering some practical tips for improving performance.

Special Report 34: Balanced scorecard

This special report discusses how to ensure success, the technology available to support the tool and how to incorporate your business strategic objectives into your balanced scorecard.

Special Report 33: Project Management

This special report provides both an overview of project management and a discussion of current issues and challenges that most project teams face.

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