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In good company

To build a top-notch finance operation your recruitment, training and management all need to be on point. David Parmenter offers the blueprint.

Retaining your valued existing staff and recruiting the right people when required is crucial to the long-term prosperity of your finance team and, by extension, the whole company. This doesn’t happen by accident. It requires constant attention to the small details that affect the day-to-day experience of individuals and the team as a whole. Let’s start at the top…

Get in shape

Being lean means adopting the better management practices that are used by successful managers such as:

  • A 21st century office environment: for instance, consider introducing stand-up desks and work stations. Research suggests it will increase life expectancy and your productivity.
  • Reducing time in finance team meetings: replacing sit-down hour meetings with 10/15-minute scrums, and avoiding the morning where possible, will help you to secure a minimum of two 90-minute blocks for reports/projects every day.

This is an extract from the Finance & Management Magazine, Issue 242, April 2016

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