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Protecting our minds

Why are more accountants contacting CABA about their mental health concerns? Service manager Kelly Feehan explains that, among other things, awareness is on the up

We live in enlightened times when some of the longstanding stigma surrounding mental health issues seem to be finally starting to fall away.

It is a subject that has regularly featured in the news over the past few months. The Spectator has discussed how depression has affected many at some point in their career from Winston Churchill to Buzz Aldrin and from Theodore Roosevelt to, more topically, Robin Williams. Meanwhile, recent government research calculated that mental illness cost the economy more than £100bn in 2013.

On a more localised basis, mental health issues were the most frequently mentioned reason for ICAEW members and their families to contact CABA, displacing employment issues for the first time. July 2014 saw employment fall to second place and financial problems finishing third as the most common reasons for contacting CABA.

We are proud of our ability to respond to need and we offer a range of highly confidential services to help accountants, providing solutions such as counselling, typically much more rapidly than through the NHS, with therapies often under way within a week. In the vast majority of instances, we are able to help people achieve positive outcomes without any disruption to their working lives.

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